Slap The Slaphead – The Iain Duncan Smith Campaign


Everyone knows that Iain Duncan Smith is a massively repellent, odious, snivelling little gonad of a man. He’s sent thousands to their deaths with his insidious ATOS Back to Work schemes, which were deemed not fit for purpose years ago, yet still continue!


Although we don’t advocate violence, we would like to encourage readers if they get the opportunity to encounter Mr Duncan Smith to give him a light tap on the forehead, by way of reminding his that his policies have led to thousands of deaths. Who knows, it might even get his brain working and he could rethink his policies?!


If you can get a photo, please post it here, and we will arrange some kind of small reward. So there you go – get slapping the slaphead!

If you want to do more, there are various petitions against his heinous policies online, such as this one here:

Give them a click and start taking action!

The Actionpod Team