Hazing Hague – The William Hague Campaign

This is your sparkling new action-packed Action Pod Post! Yes, it’s here. So what you going to do about it, huh? Well, there are lots of things that you can do!


One is to take action to make Home Secretary William Hague get up and do something about the illegally incarcerated people at Guantanamo Bay. Hague was made wimpish, weaselly attempts to placate the general public with claims that he is doing all that he possibly can to free Shaker Aamer, the last British national detained there, a man who has seen no evidence of why he’s been kept there for over 12 years, and never even had a trial. He should be called ‘Vague’ instead of ‘Hague’, eh?! (See what we did there?) It’s tricky to give someone a trial if there’s no evidence against you, unless you count that extracted under torture by prison guards from somebody else who may have just been pointing the finger to stop being tortured. Just a thought, but one that the US authorities don’t seem to want to consider. What good did innocence ever do anyone, anyway? If he wasn’t guilty, he wouldn’t be locked up, would he? Or would he?

Here is the latest message from Shaker in a piece by the Stop the War Campaign: http://stopwar.org.uk/news/dead-people-are-better-off-than-us-says-guantanamo-prisoner-shaker-aamer#.Uv4eLq36Rn

So, to make Hague sit up and listen, we at Action Pod HQ are calling on people to do what they can to leave little reminders of Shaker Aamer around anywhere that William Hague might be. We want you to place pictures and messages of support for Shaker Aamer everywhere that Hague goes, so that he can’t get away from his responsibility. Please post your results or ideas in the comments below, you could win a special Action Pod prize!


He also looks like The Mekon.

If you’d like to mail something, anything, even a wardrobe with the words “Free Shaker Aamer” on it, to Mr Hague, you can reach him at the following address:

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


Foreign and Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London, SW1A 2AH

Another way would be to post to him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WilliamJHague

Do whatever you can to get the message to him, repeatedly, until he takes decisive rather than constantly dithering action to free Shaker Aamer. Go Action Pod Team! Go!


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