Boris Johnson’s Wet Dream – The Boris Johnson Water Cannon Campaign

It has been brought to our attention here at Action Pod HQ that Boris Johnson is in favour of bringing water cannons to the streets of the UK. While Vladimir Putin is showing that he’s a fan of winter sports, if not being a sport about human rights for gay people or political activists, it appears that Boris has come out as being a big fan of water sports.

Water cannons are wrong for a number of reasons. Here are some:

(Warning: contains quite graphic gory images)

In a bid to show how wet behind the ears the Lord Mayor of London really is, the Action Pod team would like to encourage anyone in the London area in possession of a water pistol to give him a little squirt (appropriately) whenever they get the chance.

(Warning: be sure that the cops don’t Mark Duggan you!)


It could very well add insult to injury if you were to perform a drive-by water-pistoling on a Boris Bike, but that’s your prerogative.

Also, for those inclined to sign things, there is a petition here:

Take action today and let us know how you get on!