The Action Pod Generic Racist Response Fact Pack!

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Isn’t it great living in Great Britain? Of course it is, that’s why so many foreign people want to live there. It’s nothing to do with freedom of movement in the EU and availability of jobs, is it? Well, we have frankly become so fed up with arguing with moronic racists that we thought we would compile this little fact pack that we will use by posting a link to it at any opportunity instead of feeling the need to reason with the unreasonable dullards. It might change their mind, it might not, but at least it won’t waste as much time trying to explain things rationally when they’re just bellowing rage and want to blame people in difficult situations rather than the people who put them in those situations.

To begin with, here are some facts that British nationalists might not want to hear:

– Britain does NOT take more asylum seekers, refugees or immigrants than other countries. In the EU, as at 2013, Austria has most at a whopping 15% (that is such a great majority, isn’t it? they’re taking over!), then Switzerland and Spain at 14% of its population being immigrants, including a lot of British people (but that’s ok, isn’t it, as it’s the other way around, and British ex-pats in Spain are usually so calm, reserved, and great representatives of our proud nation. You never see them getting rat-arsed and leery, smashing up the villas and puking in the swimmingpools, do you?). Germany has 12% and the UK has about the same. The countries that take the most asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants are those next to war torn countries, usually countries that our country is destroying in its lust for resources.

– Countries next to war torn countries should not be made to shoulder the burden, as they’re usually as messed up and poor as the countries that Western and Eastern powers are struggling over there.

– Immigration improves the economy and culture. (see the handy links below for details)


So… what exactly did foreigners ever do for us? Well, they did happen to invent the following:

– Paper and printing originated in China (Papyrus scrolls originated in Egypt over 5000 years ago, but China perfected the process about 2000 years ago in 105 AD into the form of paper that we know today)

– The magnetic compass also came from China

– As did gunpowder

– Silk too (although we should probably really thank silkworms for that)

– Trigonometry came from ancient Egypt

– The ancient Egyptians also invented scissors

– The numerical system currently adopted across the globe emerged among the Hindus of India, though Europeans refered to this system via Arabic numerals as it was the Arabs who were the intermediaries through which these numbers reached medieval Europe

– Religion (for all its faults) came from the Middle East

– Greek philosophy came through translations from Arabic, which were then retranslated into Latin and the vernacular languages of the West Europeans

– The English language is strongly based on Latin roots, mixed with French, Italian, Yiddish, Indian, Arabic and Germanic Saxon origins

– The game of chess came out of India

– The current British Royal Family has recent German and Greek roots

– The founder of Burtons, one of the most popular fashion shops in Britain, Sir Montague Burton, originally came from Lithuania

– Michael Marks, initial creator of Marks and Spencer, was a Polish Jewish immigrant

– Batteries were invented by Italians

– As were pizzas

– Most electronics come from China

– The television tube was invented by a Pole, Josef Horovitz, so without Polish people, we wouldn’t be able to watch our beloved tellys

– The time-honoured British tradition of drinking tea came from China, which was a medicinal drink there

– Coffee comes from Africa and Brazil, and was first roasted and brewed for drinking in Arabia

– Chocolate has been grown for at least 3000 years in Mexico and South America

– Potatoes come from South America too, pinched by Sir Francis Drake

– Beer comes from Mesopotamia (now known as Iraq)

– Firm teatime favourite curry comes from India

– Kebabs come from Turkey

– Fish and chips, one of our national dishes favoured by staunch patriots across the nation, were originally created by Italian Jewish immigrants, no less, who lived in Scotland and favoured the inexpensive ingredients that they fried into a tasty treat! Eat that, racists! (We hope that you choke on the bones.)

As one commentator clearly and succinctly states, “The historic sharing of cultural advances, until they became the common inheritance of the human race, implied much more than cultural diversity.  It implied that some cultural features were not only different from others but better than others.  The very fact that people- all people, whether Europeans, Africans, Asians, or others- have repeatedly chosen to abandon some feature of their own culture in order to replace it with something from another culture implies that the replacement served their purposes more effectively: Arabic numerals are not simply different from Roman numerals, they are better than Roman numerals. This is shown by their replacing Roman numerals in many countries whose own cultures derived from Rome, as well as in other countries whose respective numbering systems were likewise superseded by so-called Arabic numerals.”

There are some small points to watch out for in any debate about racism. If you spot them, jot them down, you could use them to play our points-based game – “Racist For The Prize” – the person with the highest score who spots the most stupid racist cliches from the following wins!:

– Badly Spelt Racist Graffiti (10 points) – We have seen one piece of graffiti that read, “Keep Britian White”. They love the culture they purport to represent so much that they can’t even spell the words correctly, or the name of the country. Unless we’re being grossly unfair, and there’s a guy named Brit Ian who keeps changing colour. We also saw a swastika that someone had started to spray, but halfway through it the lines went the wrong way, so it looked like some kind of a demented spider. Unless it was promoting the Demented Spider Party, who can say? “Eight legs good, two legs bad!”

– “I’m Not A Racist…”(15 points) – Beware of the classic cheap excuse to be racist: “I’m not racist, some of my best friends are black.” As if having some black friends immediately makes you invincible to being racist, even if you’re actually saying racist things. It also amuses us how people snort with derision and complain about the “PC Brigade”, and how you have to watch what you say, it’s just another way of saying, “I’m not allowed to be racist anymore! It’s not fair! Poor me! It’s almost as if using intimidating and unpleasant words against people from overseas who have enough to deal with already don’t like it when I use those racist, derogatory words! DON’T YOU AGREE?! Life’s so unfair! Why does nobody love me? Oh well, back on the beat.”

– Selective Racism (20 points) Some people (mainly idiot racists) seem concerned that Romanians are going to flock here. Um, they’re part of the European Union, people have freedom of travel and right to work wherever they like within the EU, that’s what being part of it entails. It isn’t a Pick ‘n’ Mix selection, “We’ll only take a handful of French, Italians and Portuguese, as we know about them, but Romania?! Isn’t that where Dracula comes from?! They’re all a bunch of bloodsuckers, after all. Not like the rich bankers, businesspeople and politicians who don’t pay their taxes, steal our money and leech us dry, they’re fine, upstanding members of society.”

– TYPING IN CAPITAL LETTERS ON INTERNET COMMENTS SECTIONS (2 points) – One of the most cringeworthy examples of stupid racists are those excruciating messages that you see on internet comments pages in their squealing droves, “I’M TYPING THIS IN CAPITAL LETTERS WITHOUT ANY PUNCTUATION BECAUSE I’M FURIOUS AND MAKING A REALLY IMPORTANT POINT THAT EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO BASED ON SOMETHING A BLOKE SAID IN A PUB WITH NO FOUNDATION OR BACKING MATERIAL BASED IN REALITY OR ON REASON OR ANYTHING!!!” Arseholes. I saw one the other day, you’ve probably seen or heard something like it, where one informed citizen was moaning, “I went to Birmingham the other day, and you know what? I didn’t hear a single person speaking English!” That’s not because the city was overrun by feral foreigners… that’s because you were in BIRMINGHAM! Nobody speaks English in Birmingham, they speak Brummie, an entirely different language that nobody can understand anyway. “Alright bub? Gowin’ down the potteries?” Gobbledegook, at the best of times. We’re not being Brummist, by the way, some of our best friends are from Wolverhampton.

– Kneejerk Media Reactions (10 points) – There was that nonsense scare in the news recently where Roma families were accused of stealing children, only it turned out that they were the actual parents. “But their hair was a different colour! It’s almost as if DNA gets passed down indirectly or something!” Why exactly are people that bothered that Romanians are going to come to the wonderful, delightful cities that the UK has to offer, hey? Are there really masses of Romanians huddled there muttering to one another, “You know what, my Romanian family, I really want to start a new life somewhere, but forget Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels or New York. You know where I REALLY want to go? PETERBOROUGH! Yes indeed! The glamour, the charm, the romance and the high octane thrills that Peterborough has to offer, it really is THE place to be! Peterborough’s where it’s at. It’s got so much to offer.” Don’t flatter yourself too much, will you?

As usual, polticians and their lapdogs in the press, who do the dog tail wagging, are constantly repeating the mantra that they’ve learnt from Big Daddy Murdoch that immigration is bad, that after a while, they begin the act known as “chasing the woozle”, following their own misguided footprints, and utterly believing the thing that they said was true, because they said it was, and since they said it was, it must have historical precedence. This article admits that things may be otherwise:

Let’s not play the game that Murdoch wants us to.

Some handy links for racists and non-racists alike:

Stay racist free!